We find a way! Always.

The Truck Traders Teamrules

1.    We are there for you.
Not only when selling a truck, but from the moment you walk through our door. With sincere attention to measure, even for the postman.

2.    No is not an option.
What others think impossible, we look upon as a challenge. Because we think further ahead than the rest. We’ll find a way!

We move on

3.    We know what we are talking about.
No framed diplomas on our walls. What you do find is a truckload of know-how at every level, because of our many years of experience with our feet in the clay. Sorry, among the trucks.

4.    We move on.
We are without fear or doubt. Enterprize, struggle, get on with it and finish. Better a wrong decision than no decision at all!

Fair. Always.

5.    We do as we say.
We fulfill all our customer agreements. Always! That is the way we were raised and have grown as a business. And that is why we can look anybody straight in the eye.

6.    We grow stronger together.
Ask a customer, colleague or competitor for their opinion or advice? We certainly will! Because you always grow stronger together.

No frills

7.    We are only human.
Without fancy tailored suits, difficult language or sleek sales pitches. Jeans, clear language and a sense of humour: that is the way we like it!

The Truck Traders

Pim Govers


Thinks 'CEO' is a terrible word.
He prefers to drive a truck himself. Clogs on and go!

Bas Willems


At VAEX for 16 years. Starts to shine when he talks about a nice truck or about his daughter.

+31 6 53 52 96 14

Joost Ooms


Not only fast in closing the best deals, but also on the motorbike. Beautiful vehicles make him happy.

+31 6 12 85 36 23‬

Tom Wientjens

Sales assistent

Has been working since he was a little boy among the trucks. Got the job done before you ask for it.

+31 (0) 486 41 17 15

Henk Brusse

Purchase Scandinavia

Welcome guest to any customer.
The whole team is happy with his wise advice.

+31 6 82 94 09 93

Roland Iterbeke

Purchasing Belgium

A caller is faster. Roland is actually never on the internet. He drives straight to the address and looks at the car.

+32 478 970 709