About us

About us

Why our contacts see us as the specialist in new and used trucks and cattle transport vehicles? Most likely because they value our knowledge and know-how. Our open and transparent way of doing business and our personal approach. But also the quality and service they know they can count on. Like the opportunity to profit from our large network of transporters and traders, which we have built over the past 40 years as a (cattle) exporter. Buying, selling, trading, renting or maintenance: we have the best solution for all your needs. VAEX – The Truck Traders

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Specialist in livestock trucks

VAEX Truck Trading particularly specializes in buying and selling cattle/livestock trucks and trailers.

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Through years of experience and expertise VAEX Group gladly proves to be your ideal trading partner.


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Pim Govers


+31 6 53 69 65 71

Bas Willems

Sales (NL, EN, DE, IT)

+31 6 53 52 96 14

Martijn Heesen

Sales (NL, EN, DE)

+31 6 43 23 56 48

Jan van den Berg

Sales (NL, EN, DE)

+31 486 41 17 15

Stijn Derks

Workshop (NL, EN, DE)

+31 6 43 23 56 32

Ilona Mioulleri

Sales (NL, RU, EN, FR)

+31 6 51 95 12 32